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RAD GNU/Linux uses read-only root filesystem on the RAM disk. Any changeable files reside on tmpfs and are stacked with root fs via unionfs. It makes RAD GNU/Linux usable for diskless machines. The system needs local disk only for store configuration backups while the machine is powered off.

RAD GNU/Linux is an example of the ALT Linux Sisyphus usage for distribution development. It uses several package repositories (see below) and apt(8) utility for system image creation.

external repositories:

ALT Linux repository: Sisyphus is a daily renewed repository of packages. All ALT Linux distributions are created on its basis.

project repositories:

Largely changed packages from Sisyphus or own project's packages, that can be used not only for RAD GNU/Linux image creation, but to install into ALT Linux Sisyphus environment.
Specific RAD GNU/Linux packages, that cannot be used outside of the project without spec rewrite and/or product patching

All RAD GNU/Linux repositories can be accessed with ftp or rsync